About The Phantom Playhouse


The Phantom Playhouse is a horror-focused offshoot of my Rondo Award nominated blog Cinebeats. Horror has long been my favorite film genre and I spend much of my free time watching old as well as new horror films and reading horror fiction so I wanted to create a space where I could expand on my interest in all things dark, dreary, decadent and delightful. I’ve compiled all the horror related film, book & music writing I’ve done here and I plan to update when and if time allows.

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you enjoy your time at The Phantom Playhouse!

– Kimberly Lindbergs

Who is Kimberly?

Writer & mixed media artist. Film fanatic, music lover and avid reader. Anglophile with a passion for Japanese pop culture, decadent art, surreal humor, discarded ephemera, vintage dolls, mid-century antiques, Victorian oddities and old poetry books. Obsessed with the macabre and history’s many mysteries.

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