Happy Halloween from The Phantom Playhouse!

I had hoped I'd have the opportunity to write more brief episode recaps of William Castle's Ghost Story before the month ended but that didn't happen. Despite this I plan to keep updating the Phantom Playhouse when time allows with episode recaps and whatever else floats my boat. I'm also currently compiling some thoughts about… Continue reading Happy Halloween from The Phantom Playhouse!

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Curse of the Werewolf (1961)

This week I revisited one of my favorite Hammer films, Terence Fisher's The Curse of the Werewolf (1961), for the Movie Morlocks. Some brief excerpts from my post: "The Curse of the Werewolf begins with a hungry beggar (Richard Wordsworth) who arrives in a small 18th Century Spanish town while church bells ring out in… Continue reading Curse of the Werewolf (1961)


Ghost Story Ep. 5: “The Summer House”

Episode #5: “The Summer House” (October 13, 1972) Plot: “A woman is trapped in a strange world between reality and a nightmare while her vacation home seems possessed of its own malevolent personality.” Work is keeping me really busy this month so I've fallen behind on my Ghost Story write-ups but I wanted to quickly… Continue reading Ghost Story Ep. 5: “The Summer House”

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A Dracula Double Feature

TCM in association with Universal Pictures and Fathom Events is sponsoring a double feature of the English and Spanish language versions of Dracula (1931) that will be shown in theatres across the US on Oct. 25th & 28th. This week at TCM's Movie Morlocks I discuss the differences between both films as well as their… Continue reading A Dracula Double Feature

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10 Trailblazing Horror Films Directed by Women

In my latest post at The Movie Morlocks I discuss "10 Trailblazing Horror Films Directed by Women" made between 1913-1999. From the opening paragraphs: "All month long TCM has been airing films made by women on Tuesday and Thursday night as part of their groundbreaking Trailblazing Women series hosted by Illeana Douglas. According to Charles… Continue reading 10 Trailblazing Horror Films Directed by Women