The Strain & Fear the Walking Dead Finales


Season 2 of The Strain came to an end last night and it was better than expected because they (sort of) killed off the two characters I like the least (Nora & Zack) and it ended with the best characters on the show (pictured above) battling it out for control of the Lumen book.

Wish the series would bypass the boring and tired as all hell “family dynamic” plot and stick with these crazy lone figures as they maneuver through the vampire apocalypse. I especially want more of the old lucha libre wrestler. So much so that I let out a little sequel of joy when he finally put on his wrestling mask last night to fight vampires. Viva The Silver Angel!

It’s not a great show but it occasionally has some great moments and there’s enough there to make me return for S3.



I still watch and enjoy The Walking Dead so I also tuned in for Fear the Walking Dead but like The Strain, I just can’t get behind any of the female characters in the show. For one reason or another, I have a really hard time with the way both of these shows deal with women and the writing is often cringe worthy in that regard. That said, there’s lots of possibility for Kim Dickens’s character so maybe they’ll make her more interesting next season.

In the meantime, Rubén Blades is kicking some serious ass as Daniel Salazar. It’s so great to see him in a complex role that makes use of his talent. Hope he’s around for a long time. I appreciate how both The Strain and Fear the Walking Dead managed to create atypical, dynamic & interesting roles for Hispanic actors this year.

Last but not least, I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead and then Colman Domingo showed up as Victor Strand, the best-dressed man that’s ever survived a zombie apocalypse. And most importantly, his solution to all the craziness is right inline with what I would do if I was faced with a similar disaster. Get on a damn boat and find an island that you can inhabit!

So will I be back for S2 of Fear the Walking Dead? I don’t know. There’s too many good shows on TV and only so many hours in the day. Time will tell.