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200 Years of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein


Today marks the 200th birthday of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It’s a book that I cherish more than any other so I couldn’t let the occasion pass without acknowledging it.

While in elementary school at the tender age of ten or eleven I attempted to read Frankenstein for the first time and it forever changed the way I saw the world and my place in it. I had been forced to confront death at a very early age so the themes of Mary Shelley’s horror novel spoke to me deeply and profoundly even if many of her words went over my head. More importantly, when I discovered that it was written by a young woman I was inspired to take up writing myself. I had very little encouragement for my creative endeavors growing up and no role models to speak of so I had to adopt my own and Mary Shelley became one of one my most valued muses.

To celebrate the day I thought I’d gather & share my best writing associated with Frankenstein in its various guises. Follow the links to read more:

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Bonus – Music: Frankenstein-A-Go-Go