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October Update

Stanmore Hall aka Inver House, “the orphanage for demonic children” as seen in Nothing but the Night (1972) from British Horror Film Locations by Derek Pykett

I finally found time to update The Phantom Playhouse with excerpts & links to the various “horror” related articles I’ve written for TCM’s Movie Morlocks during the past 12 or so months. If you peruse the “Writing” archives you’ll find new material in “Actors & Directors” as well as “Film: 1900-1959,” “Film: 1960-1989” and “Film: 1990-2016.” A few topics I covered this year include the work of Roger Corman, the impact of Barbara Steele, the horror films of Jack Palance, the release of some favorite giallo titles on Blu-ray (Death Walks at Midnight & Death Walks in High-Heels), the failed attempt of Fay Wray to leave the horror genre behind, a comparison of Dracula (1931) to the Spanish language version and as always, I championed some lesser known and under-appreciated thrillers including Cast a Dark Shadow (1955), Crow Hallow (1952), Nothing But the Night (1972) and The Amazing Mr. X (1948).

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Happy Halloween!