Hammer Glamour

These curvaceous ladies could play naive and innocent victims in one film and bloodthirsty ferocious killers in the next. They broke rules, pushed boundaries and kept up with their male costars even when given secondary roles and third billing. Now there’s a book that gives these women the star treatment that they’ve long deserved.

In September Titan Books released Marcus Hearn’s fabulous tribute to Hammer’s female stars entitled Hammer Glamour: Classic Images from the Hammer Archives. The term “Hammer Glamour” has been used by Hammer fans for decades but Hearn’s book is the first book that I know of that focuses solely on Hammer’s female stars. This lush coffee table collection contains over 150 pages and features profiles as well as interviews with many of the actresses who had prominent and lessor known roles in Hammer movies. The book is beautifully put together and the actresses are smartly presented in alphabetical order, which makes for easy referencing. It also includes an informative introduction by the author and a helpful index of Hammer film titles that corresponds with the actresses mentioned in the book. Hammer Glamour is a real treat for horror fans and makes a great companion to author Marcus Hearn’s previous book, The Hammer Story. Together both of Kearn’s informative texts offer new and seasoned Hammer fans a fascinating look at “The Studio That Dripped Blood.”

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