Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)

Susan Denberg (aka Dietlinde Ortrun Zechner) was blond, beautiful and unapologetically curvaceous. A Polish-born Kim Novak with strong sex appeal and an endearing screen presence. Like Novak, Denberg dated Sammy Davis Jr. while some of her other romantic conquests included Stuart Whitman, Sidney Poitier, Charles Bronson, Jim Brown and Roman Polanski. Following a few television appearances and a role in the Oscar nominated film AN AMERICAN DREAM (1966), Denberg posed for Playboy magazine and soon afterward she was offered her first and last starring role in FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN (1967). The 21-year-old actress was positioned to become another Hollywood ‘it girl’ but the stress of sudden stardom, abusive boyfriends and excessive drug use combined with her swinging lifestyle took their toll and sent Denberg spiraling into a self-destructive cycle that prematurely ended her career.

For years rumors circulated that Susan Denberg was dead; a victim of suicide following lengthy stays in psychiatric hospitals but this was only partially true. She was hospitalized in 1967 after suffering a drug overdose followed by a mental breakdown that was eventually linked to the sexual abuse she had endured as a child. Although attempts at suicide may have occurred, Susan Denberg managed to overcome her personal demons and survive her brief brush with the darker aspects of fame and fortune. Today the long-retired and reclusive actress is still alive and celebrating her 68th birthday so I thought I’d use the day to laud her brief career in front of the camera by taking a closer look at Denberg’s memorable performance in FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN where she starred opposite Peter Cushing and earned her rightful place in Hammer film’s pantheon of glamor girls.

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