Brief excerpts with links to full-length articles and short blurbs I’ve written about horror related television.

Home for the Holidays (1972)

The holidays can be a very difficult time for some. I know from firsthand experience that when you don’t have any family to rely on or any kind of financial security to speak of Christmas can feel like a national nightmare inhabited by drunken revelers, crazed shoppers and merciless merchants. This is only compounded by… Continue reading Home for the Holidays (1972)

Satan’s Triangle (1975)

One of my favorite actresses is the beautiful and enigmatic Kim Novak and she happens to be TCM’s Star of the Month. Every Thursday night throughout the month of September you can catch Novak in a number of great films airing on TCM and in celebration of the event I thought I’d devote my latest… Continue reading Satan’s Triangle (1975)

Something Evil (1972)

I recently sat through James Wan’s THE CONJURING (2013). I haven’t particularly liked anything else the director’s done but being a horror film aficionado myself, I assumed that all the critical praise and fanfare the movie was receiving meant that that it would probably deliver a few good thrills and chills. It is being hailed… Continue reading Something Evil (1972)

Daughter of the Mind (1969)

Ray Milland sees dead people. Or to be more precise, Ray Milland begins seeing the ghost of his dead daughter in the made-for-TV movie DAUGHTER OF THE MIND (1969). I thought I’d kick start my year-long look at telefilms with this compelling thriller based on a novel by author Paul Gallico (THE PRIDE OF THE… Continue reading Daughter of the Mind (1969)

The Phantom of Hollywood

“I am not among your ruins. I live in a world of castles, of palaces and mansions. In dreams! My world is invulnerable to your machines.” – Jack Cassidy aka the Phantom of Hollywood It’s 1974 and one of Hollywood’s oldest and most majestic movie studios is on the verge of collapse. Worldwide Films is… Continue reading The Phantom of Hollywood

Frankenstein: The True Story

Film buffs tend to have obsessions. We fuss and fawn over particular actors and directors while attempting to see everything they ever appeared in or produced. One of my own personal obsessions isn’t an actor or a director but it’s a tale I enjoy seeing reimagined over and over again in different languages and in… Continue reading Frankenstein: The True Story

Vincent Price on the Small Screen

Last week I wrote about Vincent Price’s early stage career and this week I’d like to focus some of his notable television appearances. As regular readers know, every month I try to spotlight a particular telefilm that deserves more recognition in a yearlong feature I’ve christened Telefilm Time Machine. But this month I thought I’d… Continue reading Vincent Price on the Small Screen

The Stone Tapes (1972)

From the UK DVD packaging: “Atmospheric seventies ghost story from the BBC. When scientists working for Ryan Electrics move into their new headquarters, a gothic mansion, they find one room unfinished. Strange noises are heard, and the builders are too frightened to complete their work. When the other scientists dismiss such fears as irrational whimsy,… Continue reading The Stone Tapes (1972)

KOFY with Nicolas Caesar

I have a special place in my heart for horror hosts. I grew up watching programs like Creature Features in the San Francisco Bay Area with hosts Bob Wilkins and John Stanley. Creepy KOFY Movie Time is a throwback to the early days of live TV where hosts would show classic horror films and cult… Continue reading KOFY with Nicolas Caesar

Rod Serling

Two of my favorite television shows from the ‘60s and ‘70s are Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone (1959-64) and Night Gallery (1970-73). CBS and NBC recently launched two new sub-sites called CBS Classics and NBC’s Way Back Wednesdays where you can view episodes of these classic horror/science fiction shows free online at anytime. CBS has… Continue reading Rod Serling