Satan’s Triangle (1975)

One of my favorite actresses is the beautiful and enigmatic Kim Novak and she happens to be TCM’s Star of the Month. Every Thursday night throughout the month of September you can catch Novak in a number of great films airing on TCM and in celebration of the event I thought I’d devote my latest installment of Telefilm Time Machine to SATAN’S TRIANGLE (1975), which happens to be one of the first made-for-TV movies she appeared in. SATAN’S TRIANGLE has developed somewhat of a cult following over the years thanks to its noteworthy cast and a skilled crew who managed to craft a surprisingly effective little thriller combining elements of classic horror films such as PHANTOM SHIP (1935) and GHOST SHIP (1955) as well as THE EXORCIST (1973) into a spine-tingling original tale set on the stormy seas of the Bermuda Triangle.

STTVADToday the Bermuda Triangle might seem like an unusual place to set a horror film but in the 1970s the location was well-known as a place of mystery among horror buffs and paranormal enthusiasts. At the time sightings of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster regularly made headlines and UFO encounters were commonly reported along with unusual occurrences in an area of the North Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle (aka the Devil’s Triangle). Controversial theories about why the Bermuda Triangle area seemed prone to boat and plane related accidents as well as unexplained vehicle disappearances begin to circulate and numerous books were published by folks eager to cash-in on the growing widespread interest in paranormal phenomenon. Were aliens to blame for the strange goings-on in the Bermuda Triangle? Did some kind of sea monster rest there? Was an unknown time vortex in the sea responsible? Or was the devil himself hiding in the ocean depths waiting to consume unsuspecting souls? These are just some of the more unusual ideas that were floated by the press as well as hucksters and sincere truth-seekers.

Naturally Hollywood started to take notice and by the mid-70s a batch of documentaries (THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE; 1974, BEYOND THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE; 1975, MYSTERIES FROM BEYOND THE TRIANGLE; 1976, Etc.), made-for-TV movies (SATAN’S TRIANGLE; 1975, THE BERMUDA DEPTHS; 1978, Etc.) and theatrical releases (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND; 1977, STARSHIP INVASIONS; 1977, THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE; 1978, Etc.) began exploring and exploiting the peculiar events taking place in the North Atlantic.

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